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About The Book

In order to ensure minimum standards for the entrants in the teaching profession and research, the University Grants Commission (UGC) conducts the National Eligibility Test (NET) twice a year to determine eligibility for lectureship and for award of Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) to Indian nationals. UGC NET Tutor Life Sciences has been revised as per the new syllabi and examination pattern issued by the UGC for Life Sciences.
The book has been divided into 13 Units covering 45 Chapters according to the syllabus of Life Sciences.The chapters namely Basic Physical & Chemical Concepts in Biology, Bioenergentics & Catalysis, Organization & Metabolism of Biomolecules, The Cell: Structure & function, Structure of Chromosone & Cell Cycle, DNA Replication, Repair & Recombination, RNA Synthesis & Processing, Protein Synthesis & Processing, Control of Gene Expression, Host Parasite Interactions, Cell Signaling & Cellular Communication, Cancer, Immune System, Concepts & Early Development in Plants & Animals, Morphogenesis & Organogenesis in Plants & Animals, Physiological Metabolism in Plants, Growth Hormore & Photobiology, Solute Transport & Stress Physiology, Digestion & Respiratory System, Blood Vascular System, Excretory System & Thermoregulation, Neuroendocrine System & Reproduction, Mendelism & its Extensions, Gene Mapping, Extrachromosonal Inheritance & Microbial Genetics, Human & Quantative Genetics, Genetic Variation, Classification of Livings, Indian Sub-Continent & its Organisms, The Environment & Population, Community Dynamics, Ecosystem Physiology, Pollution & Biodiversity Conservation, Origin of Life & Evolutionary Thoughts, Evolution: Methods of Studying & Mechanisms, Behaviour & Evolution, Applied Biology, Molecular Biology & Recombinant DNA Methods, Histochemical & Immunotechniques, Biophysical Methods, Statistical Methods, Radiolabelling Techniques, Microscopic Techniques, Electrophysiological Methods, Methods in Field Biology and Computational Methods.
More than 4000 previous years’ objective questions from 2011-2014 have been covered chapterwise. Some specific facts have been covered in a box and through pictures for better understanding. Also last four years’ (2011-2014) Solved Paper of UGC NET Life Sciences has been given to help candidates understand the recent exam pattern. Separate exercises for Part ‘B’ and ‘C’ have been provided in the book. Detailed and authentic solutions for all the previous years’ questions have been provided at the chapter end. The book also contains various types of objective questions based on the latest examination pattern to help the candidates get familiar with the new examination pattern. At the end of the book, Four Practice Papers have been given for thorough practice and self analysis. This book is equally useful for various State Eligibility Tests as well. As the book has been designed according to the latest examination pattern of UGC Life Sciences, it for sure will help the aspirants climb up the ladder to success.

UGC-CSIR NET (JRF & LS) Life ScienceTable of Content

Unit I

1. Basic Physical and Chemical Concepts in Biology
2. Bioenergentics and Catalysis
3. Organization and Metabolism of Biomolecules

Unit II
4. The Cell - Structure and Function
5. Structure of Chromosome and Cell Cycle

Unit III
6. DNA Replication, Repair and Recombination
7. RNA Synthesis and Processing
8. Protein Synthesis and Processing
9. Control of Gene Expression

Unit IV
10. Host Parasite Interactions
11. Cell Signaling and Cellular Communication
12. Cancer

Unit V
13. Immune System
14. Concepts and Early Development in Plants and Animals

Unit VI
15. Morphogenesis and Organogenesis in Plants and Animals
16. Physiological Metabolism in Plants
17. Growth Hormone and Photobiology

Unit VII
18. Solute Transport and Stress Physiology
19. Digestion and Respiratory System
20. Blood Vascular System
21. Excretory System and Thermoregulation
22. Neuroendocrine System and Reproduction

23. Mendelism and its Extensions
24. Gene Mapping, Extrachromosomal Inheritance and Microbial Genetics
25. Human and Quantative Genetics
26. Genetic Variation

Unit IX
27. Classification of Livings
28. Indian Sub - Continent and its Organisms

Unit X
29. The Environment and Population
30. Community Dynamics
31. Ecosystem Physiology
32. Pollution and Biodiversity Conservation

Unit XI
33. Origin of Life and Evolutionary Thoughts
34. Evolution - Methods of Studying and Mechanisms
35. Behavior and Evolution

Unit XII
36. Applied Biology

37. Molecular Biology and Recombinant DNA Methods
38. Histochemical and Immunotechniques
39. Biophysical Methods
40. Statistical Methods
41. Relabeling Techniques
42. Microscopic Techniques
43. Electrophysiological Methods
44. Methods in Field Biology
45. Computational Methods

Sample Questions Provided on CSIR Website

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  • Book Details

    Author : A. Nagesh, P. Kumar & Q. J. Hossain

    Publication Year : 2014

    ISBN-13 :  9789350750483

    Language : English

    Binding : Paperback

    Series : UGC NET/SLET Tutor Series

    Classification : Guide


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